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                             a wide organic range


Crispyzz C&C Bio
A range of fruits and mix of freeze dried fruits which are a source of pleasure and well-being. Ideal to answer the growing expectations of customers looking for healthy snacks. A range of Crispyzz 100% fruits.
A colorful combination of tasty and super crispy chips of carrots, parsnips and beets. Veggizz is 100% natural with vegetables fried  at lower temperatures. Veggiz with its low fat content and its natural taste of vegetables was elected best organic product of the year.
A range of superfruits, dried fruits and mixes of natural fruits, sweet or salted,  to respond to the increasing demand for original products in the superfruits and dried fruits segment.

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Every format to respond to your needs


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          Your guarantees

1. High value added Pleasure and well-being  >  It is our commitment
2. Traceability and quality control  >  It is our commitment
3. Respectful of Men and environment friendly  >  It is our commitment
4. Quality standards: HACCP / ISO 9001   It is our commitment
5. Organoleptic quality  >  It is our commitment

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