About us


              A real growth lever


Benefit from the right combination of experience + innovation  

Natur’Inov has been on the European market for 40 years.

This long experience means that we understand the market, can detect trends and understand market expectations.

This experience together with a real philosophy of innovation, allows us today to create/choose innovative and exclusive products and develop innovative concept, which provides a real competitive edge for retail outlets.


Dare to be different 

Natur’Inov combines expertise in the organic sector, the security of a reliable and innovative company and the passion of men and women who work every day to provide their customers with a distinctive offer and a great growth lever.



Our actions to generate extra sales in the organic market

Researching and choosing organic high value added products and brands

Natur’Inov “sourcing” team works on a daily basis in order to offer its customers products, brands and innovative products in line with market expectations. Our only aim is to generate extra sales, in organic shops, of innovative high value added products.

Innovating every day to surprise our clients 

In order to generate extra sales, Natur’Inov develops attractive concepts that showcase innovative products and promote products in organic shops.

Advising and supporting our clients 

Natur’Inov’s collaborators personnalise their advice and support their customers in the choice of organic products, depending in particular on the trade area. Regular support allows choices to be checked and products or assortment to be developed.

Promoting and developing to seduce and multiply your clients’ interests.

Natur’Inov’s team provides its expertise in merchandising in order to promote the product. Supported by experts (nutritionist, beautician), we provide any useful information for sales (product information form, product tests, customer reviews) and teach people about new products and/or concepts.